Teresa Bellini’s abstract art

“Painting is a pure expression of freedom, instinct and harmony.”

Happiness is beneficial for the body, but it is grief that develops the powers of the mind. – M. Proust

There is a perfect place for each of us, a place where we feel “at home”.

Your mind relaxes, feelings run high, and you find a way to express them without limitations. For me, that place is painting. Emotions and memories find their voice through colours. When I paint on commission, I love to get inspired by creating a work that resonates with the person who will buy it and the environment that will host its colours and material.

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Everything has stopped. Meanwhile, I paint.

One day, everything stopped in my life too.

Painting gave me an opportunity to explore a new kind of freedom and to feel active and creative. My works are the result of this experience.

Everything has stopped. Meanwhile, I paint: this is the real meaning of intanto_dipingo brand.


Canvases and colours – the essential.

Nothing else is needed. Each of my paintings is the result of an instant and instinctive creative process.

The canvas is a place for dialogue and exchange between me and those who choose my works. There is total freedom in this dialogue. The story behind each painting is the synergy between my emotions and memories, and those of the observer.

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